Karyn Imel doesn't just share through music but she is also an inspirational speaker. It's her passion to share God's love to spur women on to find new ways to connect with The Lord in their busy lives. Karyn presents her talks in a fun, down-to-earth way using her energetic and contagious style to encourage and challenge women today. She loves to interact with her crowd and intertwine her music throughout her talks in a powerful way. Karyn enjoys writing talks about life as a mother and loves to write talks for specific themes. She would be happy to put together a session personalized for your group/event.


One of Karyn's talks that she really enjoys is helping point people to The King through teaching different styles of writing. This session helps women learn to find their own way to connect with The Lord in the midst of normal everyday life. Not learn to stop what needs to be done or what is going on but learn how to let their souls find stillness while life rages on around them. This talk is based on the Bible verse, "Be still and know I Am God."  Karyn shares in a way that takes the pressure off the women so it is not legalistic. She will share organizational tips and ideas for different types of journaling. This session will inspire women at any stage of life whether you have a group that is already journalers and in need of new ideas, or haven’t journaled in years and need a fresh look at trying it again, or have never journaled before. This session will teach the importance of making it a priority to connect with The Father in our busy lives and a technology world with simple ways to help do this.  


Another of Karyn's talks is "Come To Tea". In this session Karyn really has fun putting a cool, modern spin on a timeless ritual that is way more than just sipping tea with friends and family. This session is designed to challenge any group to let go of their own agendas and seek God's agenda. They will look at how and where they spend their time and Karyn will give simple visual reminders in a fast moving, technology world, to dig into God's Word and to build deep relationships. This session is not only to build a deeper relationship with god, The Lover of our souls, but to build deeper relationships with friends and family. 


Karyn also loves to share her journey learning the meaning of what worship really is. She will give practical guidance to understanding different ways of worship in our day to day lives. She speaks beyond the music, and about so many ways to connect with our Creator all day long. This can be a short 3 point talk to a full session that digs into why Christ is worthy of our praise.


Karyn Imel's goal as an inspirational speaking is to help women to seek a more intimate relationship with their Creator.